Butter London – Dosh

Since this was the first week of fall I thought I would end the week with a fall themed mani.  I love it when the leaves change color, and my boots and sweaters can start migrating backing into usage.  I though it would be fitting if this mani started with a green base, so I choose Butter London’s Dosh to represent the green in the leaves before changing.This is two coats of Dosh and top coat  in the sunlight!  I love the micro shimmer that has a slight multi color to it.  It applied great, along with good dry time and no smell.I then decided to make my nails transform like the leaves into a reddish orange with the green hue still slightly there.  I did this by adding one coat of Elle’s Spell by Barielle to the top of this.Elle’s spell is a red jelly based polish with flakes that shine gold, red, orange, and green in certian lights.  The jelly part allowed the the green to slightly show through making this an auburn type color.  I love this mani.  For me it says fall!  What mani are you going to be doing or what color do you associate with the fall.

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  1. beachgal12

     /  October 1, 2011

    Glad you put the Elle’s Spell over the Dosh. I just cannot wear (nor do I like) the greens that have that much yellow in them – but then cannot wear yellow polish that is been so popular last 2 yrs either – I look ill. Dosh looks like a nasty bug or caterpillar I would find in my yard – but to each his own – that’s why they make so many shades!

  2. I really like that Barielle combo

  3. Interesting and pretty combo!

  4. Jessica AKA LuvMyLacquer

     /  September 30, 2011

    Greens are my weakness! Yet another to add to my wishlist lol! I really like this mani =)

  5. Great combo! I would’ve never layered Elle’s Spell over green.


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