Working towards being even more creative

So I am furthering my endevor with wire and I made several pairs of earrings today!  I think they are great and I am very excited to share them with you.

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I am going to finally start putting somethings in my Etsy Store.  It has looked very empty but will now be starting to house my creations.  And just so you dont think that I have completely forgotten the polish side of this blog 😛  Here is Ds Magic!

I was unable to capture the almost duochorome shimmer of purple that this polish does have.  This was the first one that I have not been the happiest with the application.  It seemed like it did not have the smooth consistency when applying that I have grown accustom to when using the DS line.Though the micro shimmer is very pretty.   Hopefully your weekend was great!  I will be ending this blue trend after tomorrow!  So stay tuned.

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