Muppet Glitters

Well if you are reading this right when it posted, I am at work.  This is pretty much my first go at pre-scheduling a post.  But I am work ing 10+ hrs today, so I didn’t want to have to worry about it.  I am bring you today the Muppet glitters.  And before we get ahead of ourselves I am warning you that I swatched these on a wheel and not on my hand.  Why you may ask, well I absolutely hate taking off glitter, so when I wear it I wear it for a few days.  But I wanted to show you all the glitters in one post.  Fear not for I will be wearing them one by one at a later time I am sure.  So here is the first picture with just one coat of the Muppets. Now for all of these I will remind you that you can click on the picture to get a better and close look at the glitter in each polish.  This is one coat.

And this is two coats.  I found all but one are suspended in a clear base.  Excuse Moi on the end is the only one with a jelly like pink base.   So now I will go into each glitter

Divine Swine has a clear base.  In it is tiny round purple glitter and large hex silver glitter.

Gone Gonzo is a clear base also, but the base does have a blue hue, due to the glitter I think.  It contains small round blue glitter and large sliver hex glitter.I feel like I am rinse and repeating.  This Fresh Frog Of Bel-Air has the small green glitter and the large silver hex glitter suspended in the clear base as well.  Out of the 4 glitters you have seen so far this one is my favorite and that is because it is slightly different from the others.  Not only does it have the small red glitter and t he larger silver hex glitter, but they also put in some larger red hex glitter as well.  I think that is makes this glitter more substantial with the larger pieces and does not look as sparse.I think Rainbow Connection is the most fun out of the glitters in this collection.  It has a mass of small glitters in all colors along with larger hex glitters in silver and various other colors.  Again I like the added larger hex glitter in color.  Don’t forget you can click to zoom in.Last one is Excuse Moi!  This is a pink jelly like base and in it is small silver  and multi colored glitter, and tiny tiny silver glitter.


Well I hope that have you a slightly  “closer” look at these glitters so that you can know which to pick or not.   Have a great weekend.

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  1. I can’t wait to get these. They’re on their way to me now!


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