Kaleidoscope him out its cold.

So today reached a blistering 58 degrees… but it was sunny so you know what that means.   Holographic Polish!!!!  So since it was so cold I thought I would put on a light blue and joke that it was so cold my fingers turned blue 🙂  I put on Kaleidoscope him out from China glaze. 

I wont lie that this is now one of my must have angles when I take pictures of a polish.  It lets you really see the name of the polish and get a hint of the color on the nail.  This is an older collection that is pretty hard to come by now. 

It is a light blue linear color with kind of micro shimmer and sparkle to it.  These tend to have fantastic dry time and don’t really smell.  This was 2 coats and a 3rd was needed but was too lazy… I could get away with 2 as you can see.   Well now it is off to kill some zombies with the hubby then snuggle with my hubby.  Night all.

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  1. MBirch

     /  October 26, 2011

    How lovely!! Distract the zombies with your dazzling nails then go in for the kill!

  2. this is gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous. love love love

  3. Aim for the head with the zombies.

    Love the polish.


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