Baby squirrel rescue edition

So yesterday I got to do something pretty cool at the end of work.  I got to help out a baby squirrel.  Ever get the urge to look someway.  I felt like I should look out the window and I noticed a squirrel dragging along a huge clump of orange string.  I watched the squirrel and ever second or so she would put it down and mess with it, then walk a few more steps, mess with it some more.  It looked like there was a baby in the string but I couldn’t be sure.  One of the parents had just come to pick up their son and was leaving.  She went up to where it was and mouthed through the window that yes there was a baby squirrel in that string.  I then took the last student with me outside and went to go investigate.    This what I found.The little baby squirrel was hanging on the edge with the string wrapped around its neck.  The mom was all the way down the little back gravelled area.   She stayed right at the end watching us.  So climbed down to the baby.Once seeing the string I asked the kids to go and get me scissors.  Now mind you I can see the students the entire time through the large windows in the building, just so you all don’t think I am forgetting the students I am teaching at this moment, even though there was only 1 student left.  Now cutting the string was a little more difficult than I thought it would be.  They were child scissors so I tried just using the tips but that didn’t work.  I didn’t want to get under the string because the would put more pressure on his neck, but I had too.  So after I got the string off the little guys neck he just relaxed into the cover I was holding under him.  He just sat on his little bottom in the cover.  The 2 students insisted on seeing him so I walked him over a few feet for them to get a slightly closer look.  I then put the little guy back on the edge and took away the string.  We went back inside, and I waited to see if the mom would come back.  In  just a few seconds she was over there again with the baby.  I checked again right as I left to make sure he still was not there.    I am happy to know that the mom carried him back into the tree.  So that was my exciting day!  These pictures were taken by Rita!!!

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  1. April

     /  September 10, 2011

    Aww, good job!!

  2. Awe, good for you. This will get you into heaven, ( or where ever your beliefs are)

  3. Aww it couldn’t have been more perfect! Poor dear! I do stuff like this all the time lol.

  4. freaking awesome. this is very cool.

  5. Jen

     /  September 9, 2011

    awww…lookit you saving the life of a poor defensless little baby squirrel!


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