Polished Components BLING

So I haven’t blogged in a few days and I apologize about my absence.  My fingers have been nude this whole time as well though which is odd… but I suppose a nice break.  Well To let you all in on what I have been doing these past few days, besides work and lessons plans, ect.  I have started making nail polish jewelry.  I know there are others out there who do it already, but I feel like I can bring something new to the table.  I am making mine with polish but then adding in gems and crystals for healing properties.  I am most excited about that part.  They can help with any area you need attention to.  I am communicating with the stones to find out which pattern and combination go best together for optimal help to the wearer.   This is the first one I made…. for me first… greedy I know right.

I used Pink or Rose Quartz and Hematite.  The purpose for this was to get more love, be it self love, love of others, or environment, or etc from the pink quartz.  I am focusing on the self love and bring up my self esteem.   From the Hematite I am looking to ground myself and have a sense of security and protection.  Remember that this was a brief look or cliff note into the many things that those particular stones can do.  I also am going to ask my husband, who works with energy to try and open up the energy in the stones.    The polish in this piece was made using DS Opulence, Alpine Snow, Lets do it in 3D, Liquid Leather, and Meadow.  The second piece I made has no special stones and was just made with beads to try out a new look.

This was made using Fire Sparkle, Off with her Red, Liquid Leather, Alpine Snow, and Lucerine-tainly look marvelous.  I will be posting another soon.  I am finishing one I am making for my mom so she can prepare for a performance tonight.  I will be posting soon at an Etsy store.  Let me know what you think of my new found passion.

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  1. wow! these are gorgeous! you’ve done an amazing job. I might have to ask my husband to get one from your store for the holiday!


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