My new blanket and beanbag are my BFF

So with the weather getting colder, like 38 in the morning, I have renewed my vows to my blanket.  Not only do I love my new fuzzy blanket but I got a new chair and love it as well.  It is the 6ft sack daddy. 

This is the hubby being so selfless and modeling both the blanket and the chair.  Needless to say I love it!  But now on to what most of you read for which is the polish.  Since I have not done a pink Wednesday in a while I figured I should jump back on that wagon and get to it.  I am bringing you today BFF from China Glaze.

This is from the OMG collection.  It is such a great polish.  It differs from those in the kaleidoscope collection in that the color the linear holo is in is so much thinker and not as scattered sparkly.  

All of the holos that I have tried from China Glaze have been amazing!  The dry times are so very fast…. could be considered a quick dry to me.  They do not smell and they apply like a dream.  This is just 2 coats of the color and you can already see how amazing it is.  Well I am not sure what to do for tomorrows mani.  I have a few extra photos stored up but I have been seeing water marbling everywhere and I think I want to do that with a small tutorial… we will see.  

*Also pardon the small nails I banged up the middle one and had to cut it down… it is crooked now too.. oh well …

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  1. I love this color it is very bright! Also I am just happy I was able to use the holo… in Oregon we have no sunshine…

  2. I love this color. I really need to get to using my China Glaze Holos!!! 😀

  3. ❤ ❤ gorgeous fiery pink!! holo-drool!!


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