DS Original

I have to say that my favorite polishes at this moments are the DS collection.  There is only one that I have tried that I didn’t like, DS Glow.  But this little pretty did not disappoint me.  I love the old linear holos that are harder to find now.  I am sure it has to do with the chemicals they put in, or the companies are just trying to cut costs, but I love holo.  It is now no longer summer, yet there is still a little sun in the sky.  So I am bringing you DS Original.  I love the dry times, the smell is hardly there, and it applies like a dream.  I was always kinda of skeptical to get this color since it is described as a light purple and I am normally not a light purple type of person, but this color is very pretty!

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  1. beachgal12

     /  October 1, 2011

    This is a fav of mine too in my DS collection that is not too shabby these days. I got lucky this summer and scored quite a few HTF ones. Agree with you that we don’t see linear holos like were around years back. And I am sure you are right about the chemicals being more expensive to make it do that – I know folks that put their linear holos on not up and down on the nail but side to side – it looks pretty cool too! If you are really good and catch it wet just at the right time – you can do up and down then do a swirl with the brush in one area of the nail. It looks inter-galactic!

    • I am very curious to try this… I had never thought about it, but the holo does follow the brush strokes… hmmmm… I sense a project coming on.


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