DS Mystery

Now I have had this picture sitting on my compter for a while now and just need to post it.  You can tell due to the wonderful sunlight that is lighting the polish.  That sun has now gone into hibernation.  Today I am bringing you DS Mystery.  I find this to a be a great fall and holiday color because it is dark and yet has some flicks of gold to it. 

I find that you can see this hidden golden quality yourself, but to capture it fully you need the sunlight… or a brighter light than I had been using.  Now I know I have blogged previously about this color.  Thoough I think my better camera speaks for itself, plus it didn’t get its own post, it piggy backed on another.  I love this color but find it slightly more difficult due to a slightly longer dry time.  This was 2 coats and a top coat.  I tend to also find that I flood my cutiles with this polish so ignore how sloppy it looks. 

Well I am happy to finally bring you this color that I think is great for fall.  Do you have a favorite fall color?

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