Emberstone- Orly

I am posting some nail polish today!  Yes rejoice with me!  I am bringing you the color I wore this past weekend to the rock and gem show we went too.  I thought that since it was a rock show that emberstone would just be fitting.   I love this color.  So this first picture is from under the sun lamp that “acts” like really sunlight.  You will be seeing alot more of these pictures in the upcoming months now that it seems the sun has almost completely gone into hiding.  I love this tomato like red.  Next is from my trusty photo box which was not getting very much love with how sunny it had been, but now it is back to work.  This is 2 coats with a top coat.  The application was great, didn’t smell and the dry time was decent.  I love the golden flake like look this polish.

And speaking of rock show I would love to show you a piece of Labradorite I got and then did my first ever wire wrap on.  This rock glows from this color to a green depending on light.  I am pretty satisfied with my first attempt at wire wrapping but recognize I have alot to learn.  Also for those of you who have been following Rufus is now home.  With some huge stitches but after having to do way more than they thought he is looking good.

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  1. Loooove the Mineral FX Collection! And poor Rufus! I know he will be bouncing around again soon!

  2. beachgal12

     /  September 27, 2011

    I just got Emberstone – my first in the Mineral FX collection and I am insane about how pretty it is! I wore a red/orange from Zoya (Kimmy from the Sunshine collection) a lot this summer and this is my now fall version of it! Cameras, sunlamps, whatever, cannot capture all the explosion of flash this shade has.


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