Westside Warrior – China Glaze

So I am bring you one of the fall China Glaze colors, Westside Warrior.  This is the first one I have tried from this collection, have more just haven’t done it yet.  Well I loved it.  This is a really great olive-green.It went on smooth and not too thick.  There was no smell and the dry time was not horrible.  I loved the rich feel this polish has.  It reminds me very much of an army green.  This was  a creme.  Picture was with two coats and a top coat taken in my box.

I also love how shiny Seche Vite is!  You can see me taking the picture of this in the reflection of my nails.  I then also thought I would give stamping a whirl today.  Normally I am not that great at it and the polish never transfers right or is hard enough to see, but this time was magical!  The polish I used was….. MAGICAL!!!! also by China Glaze!Well I hoped you enjoyed today and are looking forward to tomorrow!  There was sun today which means holos tomorrow!

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  1. Such pretty stamping!! I really like it!


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