DS Mystery

Now I have had this picture sitting on my compter for a while now and just need to post it.  You can tell due to the wonderful sunlight that is lighting the polish.  That sun has now gone into hibernation.  Today I am bringing you DS Mystery.  I find this to a be a great fall and holiday color because it is dark and yet has some flicks of gold to it. 

I find that you can see this hidden golden quality yourself, but to capture it fully you need the sunlight… or a brighter light than I had been using.  Now I know I have blogged previously about this color.  Thoough I think my better camera speaks for itself, plus it didn’t get its own post, it piggy backed on another.  I love this color but find it slightly more difficult due to a slightly longer dry time.  This was 2 coats and a top coat.  I tend to also find that I flood my cutiles with this polish so ignore how sloppy it looks. 

Well I am happy to finally bring you this color that I think is great for fall.  Do you have a favorite fall color?

Warm and fozzie



So sorry I haven’t posted lately.   Been busy with life and resin.  I will post more about the resin later though.   Today I am posting completly from my phone.  So if words are misspelled thats why.   I am bring you Warm and Fozie to by Opi.  I really enjoyed this color since it really does look warm.  It is a nice brown base with red and gold micro glitter in it.   Depending on light and angle can determine what color shines most.  It really did need the 2-3 coats aince I found it kinda of light.  Dry time was great though so I can forgive the extra coats.  Well here it is with 2 cell phone pics…enjoy.

Muppet Glitters

Well if you are reading this right when it posted, I am at work.  This is pretty much my first go at pre-scheduling a post.  But I am work ing 10+ hrs today, so I didn’t want to have to worry about it.  I am bring you today the Muppet glitters.  And before we get ahead of ourselves I am warning you that I swatched these on a wheel and not on my hand.  Why you may ask, well I absolutely hate taking off glitter, so when I wear it I wear it for a few days.  But I wanted to show you all the glitters in one post.  Fear not for I will be wearing them one by one at a later time I am sure.  So here is the first picture with just one coat of the Muppets. Now for all of these I will remind you that you can click on the picture to get a better and close look at the glitter in each polish.  This is one coat.

And this is two coats.  I found all but one are suspended in a clear base.  Excuse Moi on the end is the only one with a jelly like pink base.   So now I will go into each glitter (more…)

Animal-istic -OPI

So here is the second I am trying out in this collection for the holidays.  Animal-istic.  It is a tomato red base with fire engine red shimmer and sparkle to it, and in certain lights I think it flashes a little orangish pink too.  I am loving this angle for taking photos… I am not sure what it is … but it just looks amazing in my photo box.   Unlike Pepe’s from 2 days ago, this ones shimmer and shine is very much in your face even without the sun.  I liked that it shimmered even indoors. 

I figured I would give you my other lighting box pictures, and then I would move to the sunshine shots… yes there was a little bit left… though looking out my window right now you would not know that.  I used two coats and a top coat for this mani.

Dry time was great, no smell and easy to apply.  It did tend to want to come off the brush faster than I thought it would so pardon my little messes around the edge of my nails.  Yes I know I could do clean up, but I just refuse too. 

Needless to day another win for this collection so far, I can not wait to see what the rest has in store.