Kaleidoscope him out its cold.

So today reached a blistering 58 degrees… but it was sunny so you know what that means.   Holographic Polish!!!!  So since it was so cold I thought I would put on a light blue and joke that it was so cold my fingers turned blue 🙂  I put on Kaleidoscope him out from China glaze. 

I wont lie that this is now one of my must have angles when I take pictures of a polish.  It lets you really see the name of the polish and get a hint of the color on the nail.  This is an older collection that is pretty hard to come by now. 

It is a light blue linear color with kind of micro shimmer and sparkle to it.  These tend to have fantastic dry time and don’t really smell.  This was 2 coats and a 3rd was needed but was too lazy… I could get away with 2 as you can see.   Well now it is off to kill some zombies with the hubby then snuggle with my hubby.  Night all.