My crownies!

So today will be a little different in that I am cooking for today’s blog.  I will be making crownies.  A crownie is a brownie bottom with a cake top.  While at the store I tried to talk my hubby into the confetti cake for the top but he insisted that it needed to be crumb cake.  While this makes it a little harder it is still almost the same steps no matter what cake you use, or what brownie mixture you use.   I am now going to put one of those little link things…. since this is going to be a picture heavy blog.  If you want to learn more and see me make these follow me down the rabbit hole. So first step is to get out all out ingredients. I am using my mini cupcake maker to make these today!  I also have a pan out to show how they can be made in that as well.







First you will want to get your two batters all measured out and mixed into two bowls.  All I needed for these was water, oil and eggs.  Make sure to put your eggs back when you are done.  Beat these still lumps are gone, nothing  worse then biting into a crownie and getting powder. While this is going heat up your stove and spray the pan…. when using mini cupcake maker just plug in a do a quick wipe with a towel and some oil.






Next you will want to spoon in your brownie mixture and then cake mixture into the little cups.  Make sure to put more brownie than cake, since the cake will expand more than the brownie.  I did about 2 to 1 brownie to cake.







Because it is crumb cake we will then sprinkle the brown sugar mix on top then slightly mix into the cake portion of the crownie.  Close the lid and wait a few minuets. (5-7 mins).







While that is cooking I prepared the other way to make these.  I poured some brownie batter then the cake batter.  Sprinkled some topping then mixed it in cake top.  I used the 2-1 ration of brownie to cake again.  **** Now that I have seen it done increase the ration to 3-1 or even 4-1 due to the amount  the cake rises. Then put it in oven.






You will know when they are done by sticking a fork in them.  No batter will be on the fork.  Plop them out on a cooling rack and let them sit.  Start another batch.







If you put too much cake batter on top they will look like this.  Not as cute but still tasty.  Make sure you are keeping watch on your oven cake.  Depending on where you live can make a difference in time needed to cook.







Also clean as you go.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you are done cooking and then realizing you have a huge mess to clean up.







Your cake crownie, when adjusting that amount of brownie to cake, will look similar to this.  This is the 2-1 ration, hence the larger amount of brownie batter being needed.







Well today’s crownies were brought to you by Add & Abstract since I was too lazy to change polish yet 🙂  Hope you enjoyed this “little” walk through on how to make a crownie.

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  1. I have never seen anything like this!!! It is fantastic, and I will definitely be making these. Soon. And sharing the recipe.

  2. ProudMary

     /  September 6, 2011

    Now I’m hungry!

  3. Super yummilicious!


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