Cosmetic Arts

I am at a loss sometimes as to what to do when a polish does not have a name.  Well I am pretty sure it does have a name just not on the bottle.  I reach a really hard place of do I try to look up the name, or just not care.  Well today I am not caring.   This is a metallic blue that I find very pretty, which as of right now is nameless… don’t worry you will get over it just like I did.  This is in in some shaded sunlight.  I find that it is very hit and miss with Cosmetic Arts.  Right now I  have their pink rush on my toes and it applied great.  Really smooth and not clumpy.  This particular color though was slightly more challenging.   I found it a little thick, which did not help the fact that it looked streaky.  The top coat helped with the streakyness of it but it was still streaker that I would have liked.  Metallics are hard that way in either applying great or looking like streaky preschool art.  This was slightly somewhere in the middle of all that.  Still a great color just did not like the formula or the application.  Dry time was not bad considering that was thicker that I would have liked.  When I go to use this color again I will probably add some drops and that might help.  Well I will leave you with one more pic of it in the sunlight.  Have a great memorial day tomorrow.

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