Butter London – Dosh

Since this was the first week of fall I thought I would end the week with a fall themed mani.  I love it when the leaves change color, and my boots and sweaters can start migrating backing into usage.  I though it would be fitting if this mani started with a green base, so I choose Butter London’s Dosh to represent the green in the leaves before changing.This is two coats of Dosh and top coat  in the sunlight!  I love the micro shimmer that has a slight multi color to it.  It applied great, along with good dry time and no smell.I then decided to make my nails transform like the leaves into a reddish orange with the green hue still slightly there.  I did this by adding one coat of Elle’s Spell by Barielle to the top of this.Elle’s spell is a red jelly based polish with flakes that shine gold, red, orange, and green in certian lights.  The jelly part allowed the the green to slightly show through making this an auburn type color.  I love this mani.  For me it says fall!  What mani are you going to be doing or what color do you associate with the fall.

“Pink Thrusday” – OPI Come to Poppy

So I reliazed that after I posted yesterdays post that I posted the wrong one.  Figures when I try to get ahead in pictures and post.  I meant to post this for my pink wendnesday, but a day later is better than never.  So this is Come to Poppy in my light box.  I really liked this color, it was the only from that collection that I got.   It has a very metallic like finish to it with a little bit of silver, but is a very true pink in my opinion.  When people say pink this is the color that comes to mind.This was two coats and then the famous Seche Vite on top.  It applied great and dry time was fantastic.  It is really nice to be able to say those things since I find that alot of metallic like polishes apply gloopy and dry slow.  Last shot is the magical sunshine lamp.  Now I know I promised holographic and this weekend will have several in store for you along with hopefully some jewelery! Almost Friday, try to relax!

Westside Warrior – China Glaze

So I am bring you one of the fall China Glaze colors, Westside Warrior.  This is the first one I have tried from this collection, have more just haven’t done it yet.  Well I loved it.  This is a really great olive-green.It went on smooth and not too thick.  There was no smell and the dry time was not horrible.  I loved the rich feel this polish has.  It reminds me very much of an army green.  This was  a creme.  Picture was with two coats and a top coat taken in my box.

I also love how shiny Seche Vite is!  You can see me taking the picture of this in the reflection of my nails.  I then also thought I would give stamping a whirl today.  Normally I am not that great at it and the polish never transfers right or is hard enough to see, but this time was magical!  The polish I used was….. MAGICAL!!!! also by China Glaze!Well I hoped you enjoyed today and are looking forward to tomorrow!  There was sun today which means holos tomorrow!

Emberstone- Orly

I am posting some nail polish today!  Yes rejoice with me!  I am bringing you the color I wore this past weekend to the rock and gem show we went too.  I thought that since it was a rock show that emberstone would just be fitting.   I love this color.  So this first picture is from under the sun lamp that “acts” like really sunlight.  You will be seeing alot more of these pictures in the upcoming months now that it seems the sun has almost completely gone into hiding.  I love this tomato like red.  Next is from my trusty photo box which was not getting very much love with how sunny it had been, but now it is back to work.  This is 2 coats with a top coat.  The application was great, didn’t smell and the dry time was decent.  I love the golden flake like look this polish.

And speaking of rock show I would love to show you a piece of Labradorite I got and then did my first ever wire wrap on.  This rock glows from this color to a green depending on light.  I am pretty satisfied with my first attempt at wire wrapping but recognize I have alot to learn.  Also for those of you who have been following Rufus is now home.  With some huge stitches but after having to do way more than they thought he is looking good.