Fishing over the weekend

So yesterday I entered a Barielle monday mani contest.  Not sure how I feel about it since it is over now.  At midnight western time I had 61 votes and the person with the next most had 59, I was pretty excited when I went to bed thinking I had won… but she got a few more votes before they finally did the counting.  Her mani was really nice and she is a great person and blogger, you should check her out. Hers was one of the blogs I read before I started blogging, so to even get close was nice.  Oh well I suppose, just not sure if I want to participate next time though.   They did give me an honorable mention which I suppose is nice, better than nothing I guess.  So to turn the day around I am not going to paint barielle since I am agitated with it, I am going to remove that mani and paint it in a bit.  I wanted to talk about something that will make me happy, like my hubby.  We went fishing this last weekend at Hagg lake and were rolling in style.  Here is a picture of our set up.

We had gotten this little shade tent at the beginning of summer and then put it in my trunk to use it… well we forgot about it till now.  I am glad we had it since my hubby burned bad last monday, he obviously does not know what sunscreen is.   It was great to sit in.  We also, well he did, caught some fish.

The cat fish was bigger than the bass.  It both cases he didn’t know he had one.   Pretty funny to see his face when he reeled it in.  It was a great day and we were just sitting and relaxing.  I napped, since I can sleep anywhere 🙂  Listened to music and just hung out.  It was nice to get away from it all.  I am excited since I have this week with quiet a few days off.  I am taking him salmon fishing on Thursday.  He has never been and I think he will love it!  Well I will leave you with two more pic and have a great Tuesday!

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