Monday Mani

So I deceided to fully jump on the monday mani contest that barielle holds.  It is basically to just post a picture of your mani on monday using their colors.  Now I have gotten several of their colors.   So far I have liked them all.  They go on great, dry time isn’t bad, and I like the colors selection.  So I had a hard time trying to choose what to submit.  For me that meant using more than one color, and what better way to do than in a water marble mani.  Now some times colors don’t do well in water marbles.  I feel that way about several brands…. but these worked great, and even better than I thought they would. 

I call this my positive water marble mani.  Since the colors were: Gotta have Fate, Do unto Others, and Positive Zen-ergy.  I love how it turned out.  I think I am getting better and better that this.  I am thinking a tutorial in my future.  Maybe even in video!  Well if you could drop by and click on this link and like the picture!  Untill next time:)

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  1. That is pretty awesome! Sorry I didn’t notice this post until today to support you.

  2. This mani is so gorgeous. Positive Zen-ergy is so on my wish list!


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