To end my green weekend- Reclaim

To start off with, I am truly enjoying summer because here in Oregon we do not get a lot of sun light.  This means that for most the year I can not fully enjoy holo nail polish.  Not that I do not love the pictures I can get with my photo box and etc, I just love sunshine pictures some times.  I try to show you all the view from several light sources, but this one get pure sunlight!

I love holographic polishes.  I love that fact that the dry time is almost always amazing, which was true for this color.  It goes on easily, again true.  And it is like a small rainbow in a bottle… you just cant help but smile!  This polish is great because there are not many green holo colors out there.   Sure there are lots of pinks and blues, but this green is hard to beat.  I have been very happy with all the Nubars I have tried, and this one did not disappoint.  It was 2 coats then a normal coat of SV.  Hope you enjoyed the weekend!  Plus I will be bringing you all pictures of the wonderful fishing my hubby and I did today!   I love weeks with days off!

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