Hot topic randomness….

I am posting my nail of the day with is a hot topic color… which hot topic color you ask?  Well good question I do not know since the bottle does not have a name on it, which for most people doesn’t matter, but I would have liked the name on it so instead of saving it in my pictures as blue hot topic it would have a name.  But with or without name here we go!

So this is the sunlight picture.  I am trying to always get the polished in several types of lights.  Let me know if this helps you see how the polish will look.  So the dry time was slightly slow and it smells horrid, but the color turned out nice.  It is a duochrome light blue with an orange to it.  I think the real novelty of this polish is just the bottle since it is really cute. 

Will I get more of them?  Well it is not high on my priority list but if I run across a color that is really neat I will probably get it.  The experience with this one  was pretty good, other than the smell :s

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