Freja by Zoya

I am sorry for the  sporadic postings.  Been a busy summer.  I have truly enjoyed my little stint off of blogging.  Not that I haven’t missed it but just that I got to spend some great time with my husband.  Went to Idaho and got back at the beginning of July.   Since then it has just been a whirlwind of things.  I even went more than a week with horrid chipped polish.  So I am back to trying to post, but I am going away this weekend.  Have some scheduled already though so ….. here we go.

I am wearing Zoya’s Freja.  This really is a great medium charcoal like grey.  The color is very pretty but the application I was not that happy with.  It went on kinda sloppy.  I felt like it was slightly thick and the brush was not helping things.  I was also not thrilled with the dry time.  But on the bright side I am getting to try out my new lighting box!!!!  I love how the pictures turned out.  What do you think?

Black background

Lighter background

With flash

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  1. OMG! Your nails and this color polish are amazing. I love the shape and length of your nails they lok fabuilous and gorgeous. Your web blog is set-up nicely. I wouldn’t worry about sporadic blogging with the fine lovley nails you have, I just wonder if yoiu are saying now, “I can;’t stop loooking at my nails, LOL” because they are just gorgeous looking.


    George 🙂


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