Pink wednesday- Pink Flamenco


So I kinda feel like i cheated today in that I went and got a pedi and a mani and when I got my mani I had her paint my nails pink, still counts as they were pink today though right…. Any who I told her to pick any pink she wanted and this is the color that was chosen.  I love it when it is a color I do not own!

So I am here with pink nails today!!!!  Had the best day every by the way.  The campers at work today were wonderful!!! They participated, played nice and had fun.  The more fun they have the better my day goes.  My dance club was also the cutest thing known to man.  I taught them to waltz today!!!!  They girls were so cute and into it.  Well that is it for now since I am off to practice the guitar!  Hense the reason my nails are so short lately 🙂

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  1. That color is HOT!

  2. What a nice pink!

  3. Debby L

     /  July 13, 2011

    Ooooooooooh lucky ducky!! LOVE salon mani pedi day and that’s SUCH a pretty pink color!!

  4. This is so pretty on you!


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