I think I am giving up mattes

So I thought since at work our field trip shirts are this bright green I would also paint my nails something fun that resembled it. I used the matte form of Gargantuan Green Grape.  I am not that happy with how it turned out.  This was two coats and it still just did not apply evenly for me.  I know others have had more luck, but this was frustrating.  Don’t get me wrong I love the love was just unhappy with application which was probably user error, but still.  ON the upside the dry time was nice.  So since I was not happy on how that was looking I thought I would do some simple nail art.  I went with a half scotch tape and free hand addition.  I used Ulta’s Little black dress, which I love.I used the black with the tips, and them decided it would be really cool to also have a white line in between them.   I was also just done with the matte at this time and was going to add Seche Vite on top to turn it into a gloss.  The problem was that I didn’t wait long enough or that the matte just dragged because my white line became this yellowish line.I still really in the end enjoyed how it turned out even though this was nothing like what I had in mind.  Plus the kids really enjoyed seeing it and had fun commenting on it.


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  1. Rebecca

     /  July 16, 2011

    I like how it turned out! Very cute.

  2. Maria

     /  July 16, 2011

    I refuse to buy matte polish any more, but I LOVE the matte look. Therefore I use good, glossy polishes with nice smooth application and then use Essie matte about you topcoat. Instant, gorgeous matte polish!


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