Nail mail updates.

I feel like I really have not given credit to some of the ladies out there who have really gotten me some great polish lately and mailed it to me.   Either with me buying it from them or swapping.  I am going to give a shout out to Neeka at In the life of a MILF.  I got this a long time ago but really wanted to share.  I used those little jewels recently in a pedi I did.  My stream of epic.

Kelly Fox of Fab-la-icious nails  was my biggest swap I have done and internationally one at that.  I love all the polishes!   They were medium bottles which are better than the small ones and kinda fun.This is from Casey in one of my Polish groups on facebook.  She was able to get me L8RG8R AND Kaleidoscope Him Out.  The Simmer & Shimmer is from Ebay.  I would not lie about being thrilled about getting the green!!!!!  I love the Lime Green!



So these are just some of my recent swaps!  Hope you enjoyed this.





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  1. L8R G8R is one of my favorite polishes. I’m running dangerously low. It shows EVERY flaw, but it’s gorgeous!

  2. Neeka

     /  July 8, 2011

    Aww thanx love 🙂 you were a good swapper too


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