Purple Nails for Caylee Anthony on Thursday

So I was invited to an event that all the nail bloggers, or atlesst some of them, were doing.  They were gong to paint their nails light purple to show support for a law that would hold parents responsible for reporting missing children in a timely manner.  This was for Caylee Anthony, who died, and her favorite color was light purple.  So joined in and painted mine as well.  I painted my Octa gone wild by China Glaze.  Please excuse the picture, they were taken at night with just my sun lamp and they would have looked better in really outside light.

So far I have noticed that holo polishes tend to dry pretty well, I think it must be pretty hard to screw up a holo polish.  I particular like this color.  I actually have 1.5 of this color.   I have a whole bottle that got and a half used one that I found.  One is a different color though, I think due to sun bleaching.  This was from the whole one and I think actually shows the color.I then wanted to add a little pop to is with some dots.  I used LOL and the lighter shade of Octa Gone Wild that I have to create some dots on that mani.You can slightly see the slight purple but the Lol showed up really well.   Well enjoy your Thursday.





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