Zoya Lolly

So since it is Pink Wednesday, and I haven’t done it in a week or two I thought I would paint my nails pink today.  I really have been curious to try the rest of my Zoya Mattes collection.   I tried the green a while back and it was completely terrible.  So I thought I would try a different color from that participial collection.  I am wearing today Lolly by Zoya.

This was better than the green in the collection but I am still not sure about this collection.  This was two coats and I found it to be streaky.  The first coat went on as if I was paint on pepto.  The second coat was better but I still didnt cover it.  I think it would not have been bad had I put a gloss coat over it but then that would defeat the purpose of the matte look. The dry time was great though!  But still I wanted to add something to it since I was not happy with how it turned out.  While doing this I remembered why I first started to paint my nails.  I love the little art I use to add to my nails all the time.  I want to do this more, and now the nails do not look like butt 🙂

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  1. I love Lolly!!! Its such a gorgeous pink! Cute nail art as well.

  2. I haven’t bought these polishes. They’re pretty, but I’ve heard all sorts of bad things about application. Plus, that’s what I have Matte About You for, isn’t it?


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