202 follower giveaway

So I thought that it would only be fitting to say thank you.  Thank you for all the times you have clicked to my blog to see what I was writing about or wearing.  Thank you for all the support and positive comments.  Thank you most of all for taking a moment to show that as a person we are all not alone in the things we love and want to talk about.  Everyday I want to ask how can this day get any better ?!?!  Thank you all for stopping by my facebook page, since I am one of the few bloggers who doesn’t eblog and have followers, I get likes on my facebook page.  Wanting to cry out “they like me.. they really really like me” 🙂  So in appercaition for all that you do in supporting me I am giving a giveaway.  Tells tell em what they can win!  That’s right 3 of the new China Glaze metal Crackles we have Oxidized Aqua, Cracked Medallion, and Latticed Lilac. I then though this giveaway was looking like a things I could add to already painted nails type of give away so I included a art deco stripper with their great Purple blue glitter.  Now you may be saying to yourself… hey what is that weird tiny bottle of Sally girl on the end… well let me tell you my faithful followers.  That is Sally girl’s top coat.  Now top coats are clear… so whats in it….???  None other than the linear holographic spectraflair.  Add this to any nail polish job and it will add a slightly silver very linear holo affect.  But is that all … noooooooooooooIn respect for summer… that has just shown up this week where I live, I am added some nail art.  Turn your nails into summery flower gardens with cute flower art, or let your nails sparkle with these nail gems!  Now for the boring  but important part.

Rules, I want orderly chaos :) ……….

1. Like my facebook page and you are entered!!!!!!

OMG easier than you thought right… well since this is a thank you for liking my face book page… that is all you have to do… like it!

2. The giveaway closes July 4th ( Its a holiday :))  at Midnight Pacific Time.

3. Winners will have 48 hours to email me back before second place becomes first and then redrawing for second place winner and I replace the names on the blog.  Message will be sent on facebook if email is not found on comments section and same rules apply.

Thank you and keep polishing!



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  1. MidniteEcho75

     /  July 4, 2011

    You are awesome! I love this giveaway! =)

  2. I like you on FB!


  3. Lovely giveaway!

  4. Ladytink_534

     /  June 30, 2011

    I LIKE you on FB~ Jennifer L.

  5. bambaki83

     /  June 30, 2011

    Hi from Spain!!

    I liked your facebook page as Miriam Rivas


  6. i just liked you on facebook!
    my email is mylifeascarrie@gmail.com

  7. baobeimonv

     /  June 30, 2011

    Facebook:Felicia ng
    Nice giveaway~

  8. Veshani

     /  June 29, 2011

    OMG! wow thanks! i just liked! found your blog through another blog! love the nail polish btw 😀

  9. Wow! I love this giveaway! Thanks so much!

    I posted about your giveaway: http://giveawayland.blogspot.com/2011/06/giveaways-ending-july-4th-2011.html

  10. I want those crackles….I need them, have to have them!

  11. Tiff-Tiff

     /  June 21, 2011

    Hi Ashley, this is Tiffany. I hope I’m an official follower by leaving a comment here. On other blogs I have to have a gmail account, which I don’t have 😦

    • All you have to do is like my facebook page and you are entered. There is a large F off the right side just click it and it will take you there.

  12. Rebecca

     /  June 21, 2011

    Wow! Awesome giveaway! Keep up the great work!

  13. neeka

     /  June 21, 2011

    woot woot


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