HRH Butter London

This is my first time trying a butter london color.  I got some months ago and I have been meaning to try them since I have heard nothing but great things about them.  I thought I would give HRH a try first.Mind you the pictures were all taken after work, so my nail were kind of beat up.  I love the color.  It is a purple with a reddish base and a blueish shimmer to it.  This is two coats.  One thing that I did not like was that if the coats were not complete the same it left some bald spots as seen here at the base of my nails.  I am put on my coats pretty smooth and even so this did not impress me.I do love the color though.  I am going to also admit to a blonde moment.  When I first bought it I was wondering how I was going to paint with that large top on it.   Ok, so that part comes off and it is just a tiny cap underneath.  Not sure if I was happier with that or if I was wishing I was painting holding the large cap.  So because my nails did look a little beat up I thought it would be nice if I spruced up the color a little.  I add some matte top coat to parts of it and it came alive again.  Well hope you liked it.  I will hopefully be trying some of my other london’s soon.




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