Brother graudated

So my brother graduated from college today.  I am very excited not only for him but that this is the last college grad I will have to sit through for a while.  It was like every year of every other we were attending them.  First hubby, then me, then his sister, now his brother.  We all graduated from Portland State.  THe colors are a green.  I then just ran with it and interpreted it how I felt.  This is the mani I came up with for the event. So this is Lime martini.  I only used 2 coats of it.  My nail line is showing through  and normally this would bug me but I was going to cover it up anyway so I was not too worried.I then added black shatter to finish it out.  I love the end look!  It really matched my outfit too.  The colors just popped.  So now I at least have something nice to look at for the 5 hour ceremony.  

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  1. That is a pretty manicure. I love that the shatter polish actually SHATTERED…unlike mine that usually streaks!

    *Congratulations to your brother!*


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