Who comes up with these names by OPI

I went over to my moms house the other day and I found a polish in her stash that I had not heard of or used before.  It was called “Who comes up with these names?”  by OPI.   So I had to put it on and use it.

It is a nice medium brown with a slight orange or burnt hue to it. There is also a subtle silver shimmer to it.  I would classify it almost a creme due to the way it applied.  This was only 2 coats and after a day of wear without a top coat, so this lasted so much longer than it normally does on me.  Dry time was slightly long though I think since this polish is probably older than dirt I will let that go, it wasn’t terrible just slow.  I wanted to make the color last one more day so I then decided to put some glitter on top.  This is my right hand.  I choose to do a very simple scotch tape design on each nail, being something different.  I still wanted to show the pretty color underneath and not cover it completely.

And the left hand now.   I used Extra-va-vaganza! from OPI.  I choose this due to the orange that is predominantly in this multicolored glitter.  It is a clear base packed full of small circular glitter.   Have a great day!




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  1. There is actually a blog that makes fun of polish names. It’s a critique that’s mean tot be fun but it hasn’t been updated for a while now. Entertaining read though.

    I hve this polish and love it. BLING!

  2. This manicure is so pretty! I love the way each nail is designed differently!


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