Pink Wednesday- Italian Love Affair

I must say I have had this color for a long time. It normally just sits there and looks at me, getting passed over because it is a pink. Well it got its chance to shine today. I used it for my pink Wednesday mani. Italian Love Affair by OPI. It is a nice soft pink with a shimmer in it of lighter pink and kinda silver. Goes on like a creme.

With Flash

This was 2 coats and both were needed.  The first coat was slightly streaky and not covering well, but all that changed with the second coat.  Dry time was iffy.  I felt like it was still tacky when I applied the top coat which always worries me.  But It turned out good and nothing was dinged or ruined. 

With Sunlamp

 Since Wednesday is now over kinda, I am going to work on my contest entry for the fraken contest….. nothing like waiting till the last moment 🙂  I will let you all know when the pictures are up and then ask for votes 🙂  Ta ta for now….

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  1. I’ve never heard of this shade before! It’s a pretty, delicate pink shade!

  2. ‘Italian Love Affair’ is by far my favorite OPI color!

  3. I love this it reminds me of the ballet! ❤


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