Mod Hatter by Opi

So I am going make this short and sweet and promise to be on here more.  This 3 day weekend though is amazing!!!!  So I am showcasing for you Mod Hatter by OPI.  It is really just a translucent nude color with a slight shimmer to it.  I was very skeptical as I hate my nail line showing but this turned out wonderfully. 

All it really did was slightly give my nails a nude(ish) cover and shimmer to them.  Shimmer hard to see in pics but it is there.  I loved it.  Even with the slight bit of staining I have because I change mine so often it covered and just made them look healthy and shiny.  Would be great interview nail color.  This was 2 coats and I am very happy with how it turned out. 

I am also growing out my nails from the whole solar nail incident and after they were taken off it left a slight line on my nail where they were.  You can not even see it in this picture!  This is truly a new favorite for me since it is just so nice on.  What do you all think… would you like a color that really didn’t “cover” your nails?

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