Blue Iguana China Glaze

I am sitting in bed with my laptop.  So tired from the day.  Went fishing in morning, took break then back out again in evening.  It really wears you out.  Hubby caught fish in morning and had one but wiggled off hook in evening.  Was a great day.  Got downpoured on in the evening, but it ended up producing this.

Had a good time.  While at lake I painted my nails.  I choose Blue Iguana.  It is a blue jelly with blue glitter.  Very pretty, thought right after I added first coat was when it started to rain.

Blue Iguana

This was two coats and no top coat yet.  It really could have used another coat since the nail line was visable but I was at the lake so I didn’t really care about the nail line today like I do other days. 

I then wanted to play around with the matte top coat I won in a blog contest.  I got Hard Candies Matte top coat.  I did one hand in the matte, and the other in my normal Seche Vite. 

I am finding that I love the matte.  This picture does not do it justice.  It feels soft and smooth and just has a lighter look to it. 

This is the shinier top coat.  It is nice too.  It keeps the glitter aspect and the sparkle where as the matte makes it have more of a shimmer (ish) look.  I like both, hubby like the Seche Vite because it is sparkler.  But I am sure I will go back and forth on which I like.  But for now bed….

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  1. The rainbow shot looks awesome!

  2. April

     /  May 22, 2011

    That photo with the rainbow is phenomenal!

    And I love the matte effect on your polish. Very fun!

  3. Jen

     /  May 21, 2011

    you should try Blue Iguana over silver…it’s incredible!


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