OMG by China Glaze

Ok I am completely convinced that my camera can not take a bad picture.  It is truly amazing.  So today it was sunny and a girl in one of my polish groups asked us to wear holo for her birthday, so …. really did I need better reasons.  I decided to wear OMG.  When I got this a few months back, it was rainy so I had yet to actually wear it… well here is it…

OMG Sunlight

This was only 2 coats.  They went on looking like it might end up streaky but the second coat took care of most of it.   I could have taken pictures in shade and etc.  But I was too excited about seeing the actual sun!  I love how they just shine every color.  And for good measure to more pictures of it.

OMG Sunlight- click to see larger

OMG Sunlight

So I thought I would also just add to this already amazing mani and put stamping on it.  I am not one for small designs, it has to be the whole nail or nothing at all, I think mainly since I am not good at it.  But For the birthday girl…. I stamped it in holo colors as well.

Virtual Violet

I think it turned out well.  Now… not sure how I am going to out do this tomorrow…. But I will try!  Also a shout out to my dad who has his birthday today as well.

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  1. This polish is so beautiful with anything! Love what you did with it!

  2. WOWSERS!!! I love this mani!!!! You did a great job, I love the purple with the silver holo. I heard the Tronicas were good for stamping. Happy Birthday Jen!! ❤

  3. never get tired of seeing this polish, and VV over it is so awesome!

  4. Rebecca

     /  May 19, 2011

    Wow! That looks awesome!


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