A DS Pink wednesday

I am very excited about today’s post.  First time I have had true sunshine and I am wearing some holo to take pictures with my new camera.  Well I couldn’t decide which DS color to wear so I thought I would compare two since they are both linear holos.  Today is for DS Signature and DS Passion.  Here are swatches of each separate.

In the shade- Passion left, Signature right


In the Sun- Passion Left, Signature Right

Even in the shade, Passion just seems to be a better linear holo. Some thing about the formula just catches more sunlight. Passion is a more medium pink, kinda of a mauve(ish) color almost. Signature is a brighter hot pink holo. Both still have the linear holo. So now for the side by side comparison.

Comparision in sunlight

I am really in love with passion, but signature is nice as well. If I could only get just one I would most likely choose Passion. Application was great as it always is with the DS line. This was only 2 coats thought verses my normal 3 I do, and there is no top coat in this picture. Mainly no topcoat because I couldn’t wait to take the pictures. Once again I love my camera!!!!


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  1. I have both and love them!

  2. I love DS Passion, it has so much holo in it!


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