OPI- Coral Reef

I am in love with my new camera.  I found out today that when it focuses in on a holo it does not lose the holo.  So I had to paint my nails a holo color.  Problem is this is Oregon so there it never sunshine.  So my camera would have to really work to get that holo.  I choose Coral Reef by OPI.  I love this orangey red.  So here is my favorite pic I took.   ALSO DON’T FORGET YOU CAN CLICK THE PICTURE TO MAKE IT BIGGER!!!

Coral Reef cloud cover

This is two coats.  I love the detail you get.  This is from a 2003 collection and I was so excited to get this.  In fact it was lost in the mail and I freaked out.  Called post office etc.  Finally showed up and I was so happy.  Dry time was good.  Looked transparent the first coat but covered nicely in the second, no real need for third but you could…  Ok here comes the pic heavy part.

Fake Sunlamp


 I just wanted to show the bottle and the amount of holo the camera picks up in there as well.

More Cloudy weather

 Needless to say I couldn’t be happier, even in cloudy weather.  I love my new camera and have to give a big shout out too all the family that helped me get it for my birthday!!!! I love you guys.

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