DS Perfection- updated

To tired to say much but I did wear pink today.  It was OPI’s DS Perfection.  I was recently sent this in the mail. SO here it is …. and I will try a stamp tomorrow and maybe some sun light pictures since these were in my box and it down poured today.

Ok a little less tired here was go. This was 3 coats of the DS Perfection.  I actually think the 3 coats were needed with this one.  Normally I just put down the 3 because the 3 is just a little extra color but this one needed it as it was little bit of the nail like showing. 

I found that is looks more orange in the bottle but you lose quiet a bit of that once on the nail. I would still classify it as coral but still I expected more orange in it.  The dry time was not as good as other DS polishes I have worn in the past, but it didn’t kill me.

It seems much more duochorome like on the second day… Day one was just very pink but the orange is a little more viable today.  Also though I thought I would try some random stamping to see if my thought on it  has changed.

Basically I have just decided that I like full nail covering designs like that on my ring finger.

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