DS Desire

I spent a lovely day with my husband.  We got manis and pedis together and went to shop for moms for mothersday.  Then we rearranged the house… some parts are still all over but most big stuff moved. So at this point in the day I am tired so there will not be alot to say.  Mainly because I love all the DS colors.  This was no exception.  I got DS Desire yesterday and it was love.

Outside sunlight

This was 3 coats and I love it.  It needs all 3 coats depending on how thick you put it on. 

Inside Flash

 I would call desire a medium brown with linear holo.  And it isn’t just oh there might be some holo in there.  This is the most holo I think out of the group of DS that I have.


 Now I know that the DS line is more expensive, which has never really stopped me. But you are really getting your moneys worth with this line. All the colors perform just so much better than any other polish I have tried.

Slight cloud cover

Well I hope you enjoyed my truly picture heavy post, but I wanted to show you just how great this color looked in several different lights.  AND my nails were all cleaned up so they looked nice too….. too bad my camera can not truly capture all the holo that there is… this just shows a small portion… as soon as the camera focuses it focuses out the holo… sigh… I will figure it out.


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  1. wow, such a lovely color! *v*

  2. It´s one of the DS colors I like:)


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