Octa Gone Wild a day late

So, Saturday was a great day.  Sun was shining… which never happens in Oregon.  Birds chirping and etc.  I decided to paint my nails one of my holo colors, to truly enjoy the sunshine.  But then I forgot to take a pic 😛  So I am here making it up today which is also a great day. 

Octa Gone Wild by China Glaze

I have noticed though that when taking pictures of holos, the more in focus you are on the nail the more it looses the holo.

So when the camera focus on my hand beneith the nails… the holo glory shows… So weird.  I have macro on and everything…. any tips anyone?

This like all the other colors from the kaleidoscope series was great to put on.  This was 4 coats though… I really wanted it to show.  They dry fast and go on smooth. 

Even though today is sunny and great outside.  I am not going to do another holo… sad I know.  But is my nieces birthday so in honor, I am going to try my hand at a candy mani, with the Texas jellies.

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  1. Holy cow girl, I wish these were still available. ❤ the polish on you. Jealous!


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