Zoya Charla

I am feeling better today.  Cold has moved to my chest.  Which is good and bad.  Life is slowly getting back to normal.  I miss my husband though.  He has been working 14 hr long days.  He works so hard to provide for me… I love him very much.  So to distract myself today I rearranged the bedroom and painted my nails.  In rearranging though I ripped off my thumb nail on one hand and pointer finger nail on the other… so … yeah.  But I then sat and painted my nails… which I haven’t done in like the longest time ever…. a day.  I picked Charla by zoya since I thought it would look good on my short nails. 

I have noticed that my box does weird things sometimes… like in this picture it is completely picking up the greenish teal sparkle and ignoring the blue base.  Which is fine just showing what one angle looks like with all the glittery goodness that is in this polish.

 Here it is in just some cloud cover.  This picture shows more the blue base.  I used two coats and then a top coat.  I think I could have used 3 but it seemed like the dry time was not as great, but that happens with glittery polishes.  Extremely happy with how shiny it is.

So then I added just a little flair and green crackled my ring finger on each hand since the green is very apparent in this polish.

I used LaRosa green crackle.  It doesn’t stick out and blends very nicely for just an added little surprise. 

Since my husband will be working late and all weekend I am planning to do alot of playing with polishes this weekend…. anything you are wanting to see… from my new and improved list

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