Trying tuesday

So today I am feeling a little better my fever broke, but my head is still a mess. Getting better though. Got some work on my car done… Thought about cleaning, but did dishes and ferrets instead, that still counts a little. And was made some of the best soup ever!!!! So I am going to make this short and sweet, then join my husband for an early night of sleep. He just got home 15 mins ago, worked 7am to 930pm …ehhh. Today’s color was Wet and Wilds Eggplant frost. It’s a great color. Has a purple base with hints of red and a blue shimmer. What a pain to put on though. As many of you know I don’t do clean up after, I just have to get it right the first time. But this polish was everywhere. I think it was the brush and how it flowed off it. Needless to say thought for the 56cents I paid for it, it is great. Do I wish it applied better sure… but it is nice regardless.

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