Case of the mondays

So I am too sick to even change my polish today.  I should be working on work right now, but I am about to crawl into bed and drift off into a Benadryl and nightquil induced sleep.  I feel ok about my lack of polish post since I did 2 yesterday though.  I will take just a second and talk about my new storage system for my polished.  I went to Ikea this last weekend and was set on getting a helmer.  Every one had ranted and raved about them…  Well I got there and was a tad disappointed.   For one it was smaller than I had imagined… and I know polished aren’t that big but in my mind it seemed larger from the web.  And it seemed flimsy.  The drawers didn’t slide well on the model and over all I wasn’t impressed.  But I resigned to getting it if we didn’t see anything else.  Well once downstairs to get everything I saw an organizer with Lime green drawers.  We ended up getting this, and it serves as both polish storage and coffee table.  Also notice the amazing pillows my mom made to tie the whole thing together.  Well off to bed now… more tomorrow hopefully if I feel better.

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  1. What a cute storage idea!

    Get well soon!

  2. Andrea Smith

     /  April 26, 2011

    Feel better! Get lots of rest.


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