Pirates of the Caribbean

I was able to get the 3 colors I wanted and 3 bottles of silver shatter the other day from the pirates collection.  I really am pretty happy with my selection.  I got 1 skull and crossbones, 1 mermaid tears, 1 stranger tides, and 3 silver shatters.  Not sure why I needed 3 but I did.  I decided to swatch all of them for you tonight since I am feeling terrible and painting my nails makes me feel better.

Silver shatter

Silver Shatter

I really like the silver shatter, what I have found is that it is much less temperamental than the black shatter.  It works best with a medium coat applied fast.  I put this on top of a black to see the cracks really well.

Skull and crossbones

Skull and crossbones is a grey with a slight earthyness to it.  It is a pretty nice creme.  This was two coats and a third might have been good but it is a personal choice, since two wasn’t bad.  Over all a very neutral and flattering tone.

Mermaids Tears

Mermaids tears turned out to be different that I thought it would be.    It is much more tealish green than I thought.  I know it is classified as a jadish color but … I think it leans more blue green.   Again same story with the coats.  I didn’t find it streaky and it was really easy to apply.

Strange Tides

This pale olivish green I think is my favorite.  Same with the coats, and all the dry times were great.  Dry time is very important to me since I can not sit still very long.  All in all I love the colors I got from this collection.

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  1. I’m thrilled to see these considering these are colors I was planning on getting for sure although Mermaid Tears looks too close to my Nicole OPI Peas and Qs. Perhaps it succeeds in being a bit dustier.

    I must ask where you got them! I thought they were supposed to be out next week, but it seems that transdesign is saying they won’t be out until June?

    • I got them at a little salon in a mall where I live. I had been talking with the lady who ownes it for forever… and as soon as I saw she had them out I had to buy them. 🙂 Yes I know cheating and getting it before the relases… OPI just needs to send me Proms 🙂


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