Let’s do it in 3D

So today I thought I would test out the box on holos. I choose Let’s do it in 3D by China Glaze. It is a great charcoal grey with a linear holo. Here are some picture of it in the sunshine for comparison.

In sunshine

In sunshine

You can see the really great holo with the sunshine.  I think it is even more holo in person.  So next I wanted to show you what the light I am using makes it look like.  It is a natural light light.  I think it works pretty well.

Lamp light

Now I know the lamp light isn’t the best but you can still see the holo in it.  So then I took some pictures in “the box” .  Ok I know it doesn’t need quotes but I say it in a funny voice so I think it needs quotes.

the box

the box

As you can see you completly loose all the holo and get just the base charcoal grey color.  It is a very pretty color… but not the reason I got it.  So I am not sure what to do to fix this problem.   Any suggestions?
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  1. try a light box with natural light hitting it indirectly.. this is how I photo flakeis and it seems to work well.. all about angles and light.

  2. No suggestions really but just a thought…..maybe holos are meant to bling out in direct light?

    I want the Kaleidoscopes so bad! I only have one! 😦 So pretty on you.


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