Hell to the NO!

I have been watching Glee with my husband for the past week and have finally gotten him hooked.  It really is a feel good type of show.  Any who, I wanted to use some of the Glee colors I had so I busted out Hell to the No.  It is a great shimmer creme.  It is a purple base with gold shimmer in it.  One might have covered depending on how thick I use two. 

Hell to the No Spehora OPI

Easy to put on which is important since I don’t do clean up very often it has to go right the first time.  Sorry for the slight wear on my tips, this had been on one day before I took the pic.  And the wear has nothing to do wiht the polish, all polish does that on me no matter what.  Hense the reason I change so often :). 

Well I though becuase it had such a great gold colored shimmer I would do a gold design on it.  This is my tape design.

Bling Dynasty

Anything you are all wanting to see?  Oh and I placed 4th in the contest or the spring nail design… hoping more people will get out and vote next time 🙂

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  1. This looks really great, and now I’m excited to try it since I just ordered it for my roommate. It’s like an amped Zoya Zara. It’s nice to see Sephora swatches–no clue why no one swatches them much–probably cost and the fact they don’t send promos like the other companies do.


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