Marbling with Shrek

I have had the desire to do this particular mani for quiet some time.  I have three of the colors from the shrek collection from OPI.  The only 3 I would really want since I am not a huge pastel fan.  Any who, Who the Shrek are you I had first and I love it.  I then got Funky Dunky and then later Ogre- the top blue.  As soon as I had all I knew I wanted to do a marble with them.  They are such wonderful colors very bright and fun, so spring/summerish.  As soon as I started I knew I would love this.  They were so easy to work with, unlike my failed Zoya marbling last week. 

So there is a huge debate over vaseline or tape when doing this.  I have always used the tape meathod, b/c vaseline just sounds nasty and messy.  Then I found these wonderful nail things.  I don’t know the name but I know they are used for nail length and I found them at sallys.  As soon as I saw them I figured that they would be great for this.

I just put one under nail with long pieces around nail then second one on base of thumb with tabs going the other way.  SOOOOOO much easier than ripping tape and etc. 

So back to the mani.  It went great I took 3 picts with each bottle.  So funny how depending on the bottle it changes your focus.

Funky DunkyWho the Shrek are you?

Who the Shrek are you?

Ogre- the top blue

I love how this turned out with the patter.  There is two pics of my right hand and one of the left so you can see both and how they turned out. I think cremes work best for this pattern of marbling.   What would you like to see marbled?

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  1. Acrylic forms instead of tape or Vaseline, what a brilliant idea.

    Your marble turned out great. Love the colour combo. 🙂

  2. Wow! You did a great job! better than me. I think my colors were too sheer. But I love Who the Shrek are you and Funky Dunky.

  3. That’s a very pretty marbling job! Neat!

  4. Andrea Smith

     /  April 15, 2011

    Those colors look great together. I never really liked the Shrek colors, but when marbled, they look awesome.

  5. That’s it. Now I HAVE TO try this. I have Funkey Dunkey only from Shrek, but I’m thinking it might look nice with For Audrey, and something else. Hmmm. Need to browse my collection. I never thought about using acrylic forms for marbling but it would be way easier than tape.

  6. Victoria

     /  April 14, 2011

    LOVE these colors together! I’ve loved this color combo since I was little (my Grandma even knitted me a blanket that’s green, blue & purple). I need to give water marbling another shot (or 2 or 3, lol). Any tips?


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