Wee Woo and Rufus’ Pink Wed. – Sinful colors Shinning hearts

So I am very jealous that a certain blogger had kitties that will pick her polish for her 🙂  Mine avoid them like they are little tiny land mines that could go off at any moment.  So I had the brilliant idea, or at least I thought so, that I would have my ferrets pick them.  I figured that they were curious enough that they would be bound to touch one.  Well in hind sight I should have done this with my husband home… but oh well.  (Warning lots of pictures ahead)

We would rather play in your purse

We can play behind things

Rather sit on couch

Would rather crawl under couch

Lay on toys

We could play in shoes

I can run past and knock them down

Rufus finally picked one...

So at last they picked Shinning Hearts by Sinful Colors.  I put on one coat then did some stamping with DS Coronation.  The camera did not do the little patter justice.

Shinning Hearts

Konad plate m63

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