DS Classic

I am in love with the DS Collection.   It has become my pokemon, I have to catchem’ all.  So far I have quite a few and got DS Tapestry from my mom last night, Love you Mom!  I have walked pass this color several several times.  When you look at it in the bottle it looks like just a nude with some silver glitter.  But I pick it up for my contest and one for myself… I have this things about giving away something that I don’t have… I want it too.  So ANYWAY, I thought I would swatch it just to get it out of the way and show people what it looking like.  Plus I didn’t want a loud color since my mom just took off my solar nails yesterday, I love you Mom!  So as soon as I started to put it on I realized it was way more than the bottle led people to believe.

  The first coat start showing the holo scattered through it.  I love holos so excited I kept going.  2 coats was great, but I added a third just to see it was even better with it… you can stick to probably just two.  Well needless to say it is amazing.  Even the guy who changed my oil today commented on them. 

DS Classic... I love my new sunshine light!

As you can see it is amazing!  Plus my sunshine light is so great since I normally paint my nails at night.  I also had to take some more with real sunshine and shade though just so you could see.



As you can tell it is amazing.  All the DS colors have been so easy to apply.  They go on great, dry fast, and look amazing.  I can not wait for more to come out and to be able to try and get some of the older ones.  I am thinking they need a green DS 🙂
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  1. I love the major bling on a subtle color!


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