Bogie, High Def, Recycled marble

I wanted to do a marble since I haven’t done one in forever.  I got a great color yesterday, bogie.  It is a maroonish color with slight shimmer holo to it.  So I thought I would do that and high def.  I like when there is a creme to break up all the sparkle so I thought a low-key grey would be nice and to keep it all China Glaze I choose Recycled.  The next problem was that I was not sure which color to paint the other fingers since I only wanted to marble the ring and thumb.  I just decided to use one on each hand, who says I have to match ;p 

High Def from tronica

Bogie from the Vintage Vixen Collection

I tried two different patterns.  On one hand I used the pointed design and on the other I just did swirls.   I like the swirls better since on the points I tend to be OCD.   And just so you all know I can see the holo in the tronica!!!! 🙂

I wanted to give a shout out to Tip and Toes in Beaverton.  Hubby and I went yesterday and got a pedicure, it was wonderful.  It was so funny to see him just relax into it.  He needed with the 13 hr days he had been working, plus he is working this weekend…  (insert sad face).  But they were great.  I got my toes painted with their LOL and then had to buy it.  I needed holo toes…..

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  1. great water marbling! love the color combos


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