3D fantasy

I have all the China Glaze Tronica colors, and I feel like I have been neglecting them.  The truth is I have been really hoping for sunny days, but I should know better since I live in rainy Portland.  So I am behind a little on my pink Wednesday, but I got this in before midnight so hahahahah.  My husband last night said, “you should paint orange”.  So out my orange Essie popped and I painted away.  But then I remembered today it is pink Wednesday.  So tomorrow you will get todays mani, and today you are getting tomorrows mani.  I promise to straighten this up before the weekend 🙂  Well I bought a new light and a light bulb that is supposed to mimic sunlight… pff we will see as time goes on.  At least it is already better than my old one.   Well here are some pictures of the tronica 3D Fantasy.

3D fantasy with flash and light

Just flash and new light bulb... click me to view closer

I find the camera is making this a slightly darker looking pink then I think it is in real life.  I will take some pictures tomorrow and update this post, so keep tuned.  But I did think it helped capture the holos in this color.  Time will tell with other colors where the holo is more pronounced.  I really have liked this entire line so far.  It goes on great and the dry time is fantastic I think.

Nice scattered holo in a peachy pink base color.  Stay tuned…


I think my light did just as good a job as natural light.  Here are the pictures with no flash and just sunshine. Click on them for a larger view.

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  1. pretty darn pretty 😀

  2. If you ever decide to get rid of them please let me know!


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